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Having sailed over 14,000 nautical miles with our Blue Heeler, Logan, we found there wasn't a lot of information on sailing the South Pacific with a dog. We decided to compile all of our knowledge to help others avoid the headaches, mistakes and red tape we ran into.

The Crew



Katie holds a Master's degree in Psychology emphasizing in PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. She spent ten years training Service Dogs for Veterans as well as a behavioral consultant for the Humane Society. She raised Logan on her 30 foot Yankee in St. Pete Florida.


Born on a Cattle Ranch in Tennessee and raised on a 30 foot sailboat, Logan is probably the most experienced of us all. He enjoys showing off his frisbee skills. His favorite party trick is peeing in a yogurt container underway. 


After graduating the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and serving 7 years aboard ships throughout the Pacific and Caribbean, Matt decided to see how sailing could be outside of uniform. After over 65,000 sea miles things just keep getting better. 

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