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Is your pet ready for cruising?

If you are thinking of cruising with your dog, it is important to determine if your dog will actually enjoy the lifestyle as well. There have been months where Logan has not been allowed to shore, as well as several weeks at sea where it is hard to stand up and walk around the boat-- let alone play a game of toss or frisbee.

It is important to think about how you will keep your dog, not only safe, but entertained at sea. Some dogs become destructive when board, so giving them a good outlet for those long boring weeks at sea can help protect your wood and cushions from being chewed and destroyed. Other dogs may develop health issues due the stress of the lifestyle (i.e. not wanting to go to the bathroom while the boat is moving and developing a UTI). Giving your pet a routine will help immensely in enjoying the lifestyle.

Another factor to consider is your dog’s temperament. Many of the islands you will be visiting have dogs roaming the streets as well as a lot of livestock loose or tied to the side of the road. There are also many bird species and sometimes dangerous toads, spiders and snakes to consider. One thing I find most important to take into consideration is that you are a guest on these islands. So, your dog should be either on a leash or well voice controlled. We once saw some cruiser dogs chase a local dog very aggressively. It is also important to respect that other cultures may have a different view of what dogs are meant for. Many people feel sorry for the “strays” they see roaming the islands, when in fact, these dogs are not strays, they are someone’s protector. This being said, it is very important that your dog in non-reactive. Dogs and other animals will come out of the woodwork when a new dog is “in town”. Every time we went walking in the Marquesas’ we were charged by local dogs. Luckily Logan speaks dogs well and would just ignore them. We found that bringing one of his toys with us helped a lot to keep his focus away from the other dogs and more on us and his toy.

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