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What Tests and Forms do I need?

Where do you plan to sail?

At the outset of our circumnavigation, we mentally prepared to not see all the countries along the way. There are parts of the world where sailing with a dog is much easier than others.

The south pacific has developed a reputation for being extremely difficult. And this is not for bad reasons. Many of these countries rely on their livestock for their livelihood. Additionally, many of the smaller islands do not have great access to vet care, so if your dog has a highly contagious disease, it could not only compromise their dog population, but also their source of food.

What tests are needed?

The biggest hurdle of sailing the south pacific with a pet is knowing what countries require which tests. Which countries require quarantines, and which countries do not have the infrastructure to support importation of pets on vessels.

If your pet is coming from the Caribbean, or north or south America, they will need to have rabies vaccine as well as a rabies titer test completed at least three months and no more than one year before landing in French Polynesia. French Polynesia has made entering with a dog fairly easy, however the further you get into the South Pacific it does not get easier.

The most important thing you can do it do your homework. Talk to each countries bio security team directly. Have an open line of communication. I do not recommend trying to sneak your dog in, as all of the countries have the right to destroy your dog if they are in breach of their laws.

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